Add-on Services


Upgrade and choose any add-on's to a service to make your experience even more enjoyable!


Peppermint Scalp Massage $20 

Sooth away tension and headaches by receiving a peppermint scalp massage. Using Pure Theraputic Grade peppermint essential oil with an eastern meridian technique of pressure points to relax and release pressure along the scalp. This service may be added to any treatment even a wax! Dimming of the lights will help set the mood of a deep relaxation state. Feel free to relax in the quiet room after your treatmet and enjoy a nice cup of tea or spa water.


Heated Hand Treatment $15 

Melt away craked or tired hands as a healing emulision of organic ingredients and essential oils coat your over worked palms, fingers and cuticles. Heated mitts will insure penertration of nutrients resulting in smooth, soft  and revived hands. 


Warm Chakra Mediation Pillow Enhancement $10

Announcing meditation pillows in all the colors of the rainbow! These will set you sailing into your dreams, to boldly go where no soul has gone before. Geared toward pineal activation & heart mind integration, these can be used for chakra tuning, meditation pillows, crystal chargers and so much more! They are quite magical with high evolutionary potential. Combining Sacred geometry, healing gemstones and aromatic herbs these are a potent powerhouse of multidimensional magic.

Featuring silkscreened fabrics with a double sided sacred geometric design: On one side our star tetrahedron fractal merkaba and on the other side is the Flower of Life, the 'creation mandala' and core of the universe. All the pillows contain powerful mix of SEVEN synergistic herbs known for their capacities to affect consciousness and heal mind body systems. These sacred herbs and essences are all organic or wildcrafted. They are Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender, Passionflower, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood. Other ingredients are organic flax seeds and tumbled chip gemstones. The gemstones vary according to color of the pillows.

Purple Pillow- Amethyst- ‘sobriety & psychic stone’?
A purple quartz whose name comes from the Greek meaning “without drunkenness”. Amethyst is a meditative stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. Amethyst can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and psychic powers. (Crown, Third Eye, heart chakras)

Green Pillow- Green Aventurine- ‘rejuvenating stone’?
Supports healing, liver helper, protects from EMFs, enhances gratitude & renewed outlook, dissolves negativity and anger, calming and balancing. (Heart & Solar chakras)

Yellow Pillow- Citrine- ‘Power & Prosperity Stone’
?Citrine has energies of good fortune and good luck which may appear in unexpected ways. Citrine is used metaphysically to increase, magnify and clarify personal energy. It does not absorb any negative energies and thus never needs clearing. In the mental arena citrine enhances clarity, confidence, and will power. (Solar Chakra)

Orange- Orange Aventurine- ‘Whisper Stone’?
Considered a stone of good luck, fortune, and manifesting new possibilities. Orange Aventurine also calms and stills the mind of inner chatter when preparing for and during meditation. May be use to clear blockages between the Sacral and Third-Eye Chakras. Emotionally it assists forgiveness and reconciliation. (Sacral and 3rd eye chakras)

Blue Pillow- Lapis Lazuli- ‘clarity & truth stone’?Empowers, brings clarity, to speak and confront truth, express feelings, harmonize conflict, block psychic attack. (Throat chakra)

Pink Pillow- Rhodonite- ‘heart healing, first aid stone’?Supportive, love bringer, healer of emotional shock, integration, builds confidence, enhances mantras, dispels confusion. (Heart or Heart/Mind chakras)

Red Pillow- Red Jasper- ‘strength and coping stone’?Energizing and supportive, grounding, protecting, aura strengthening, courage to act, good for self esteem, blood & circulation. (Root Chakra)

For a complete chakra energy experience please see Chakra Balancing Treatment using essential oils.